Dead End at Endor!

A Sermon on Spiritualism


Key Text: Isa. 8:19



The burden of this message is on spiritualism, what it is, why and how people get involved with it. What does the Bible, if anything, say about this subject? What should it matter that you have an understanding of what God, through the Bible says about this subject? These are the questions, among others, explored in this presentation.


  • The foundation for spiritualism is the unbiblical concept of the immortality of the soul
  • God said man would die (Gen. 3: )and the devil objected
  • Usually desperation drives people into consulting spirits
  • Saul was desperate and in distress (1 Sam. 28)
  • Philistines, Israel’s perennial enemies on the attack (28:1, 4)
  • Samuel was dead (28:3)
  • Saul in panic and distress (28:5-7)
  • Disguising himself (28:8ff)
  • If you dial the Devil’s number, he will answer!


  • When facing mounting life challenges, Lord may you help me consult with you instead of seeking help from the dead (Isa. 8:19).
  • In this world we’ll have challenges (Matt. 16:33). The promise of spiritualism is ending our suffering in this life, but Lord help me trust that only you will bring all human suffering to an end when you come again.
  • By the grace of God, I will not meddle into spiritualism by seeking guidance; protection or fortune for my life from dead relatives.

Prayer: Dear Lord, teach me to put my trust only in your Word. I pray for your strength, especially in life’s most challenging times, that I may never go to Endor in my desperation, as did Saul. Teach me to seek you, my God as my rock and my refuge in a times of distress. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

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