The Golden Stool

A Sermon about the Sabbath


Key Text: Gen. 1:31-2:3



  • Ever heard of the golden stool of the Ashanti?
  • They believe it came from heaven, falling into the lap of Osei Tutu I, founding king of the Ashanti Empire.
  • This was at the centre of a great war between the Ashanti and the British in 1900.
  • Fredrick Hodgson, a British governor demanded to have the stool rbought to him so he could sit upon it on 25 March 1900 in Kumasi.
  • The golden stool is the very essence of the Ashanti Empire itself. For them, to lose it means the end of the empire itself.
  • Yaa Asantewa I, the Queen Mother, mobilized for a war of resistance against the British, rallying the empire to protect the golden stool.
  • God has his golden stool too, the Sabbath.



  • The Sabbath:
  • Perpetual reminder of God’s creatorship (Gen. 1:31-2:3)
  • Creatorship is the basis of worship (Jonah 1:8; Rev. 4:11; 14:7)
  • Sign between God and His people (Ezek. 20:12; 20)
  • Sign of redemption (John 19:28-30)
  • Points future to recreation (Isa. 66:23)
  • Remember the Sabbath day (Exod. 20:8-11)
  • Many of societal problems could be solved


The Sabbath Delight

  • The Sabbath is meant to be a blessing to all people, Jews and gentiles alike (Isaiah 56:1ff)
  • Sabbath observance comes with a guarantee of God’s own blessing (Isaiah 58:13ff)
  • The Sabbath is not a burden, but a delight which ushers us into the presence of our maker.


  • Do you accept that Sabbath as God’s special gift to all mankind?
  • Is it your desire to join millions others in its keeping and observance?
  • Do you desire to keep on gaining deeper understanding of the meaning and significance of the Sabbath?
  • May you join the ranks of those who defend God’s golden stool so that it is never lost.


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the blessing of the Sabbath. May I and my family receive all the blessings you have put into each Sabbath day. I seek to have a deepening understanding and appreciation of the Sabbath. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

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